2022 Honda City Price In Pakistan With Features & Specs

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Are you looking to buy new Honda City 2022 you want to know about Honda City Price in Pakistan? we will share each and everything about new Honda City 2022 with price, features and all specs, Honda city is a mini-compact sedan produced by Japanese vehicle manufacturer Honda since 1981. In the beginning it was introduced as 3 door hatchback, 2 door adjustable in selected markets. The second-generation Honda city was embarked on but city nameplate was desist in 1994 and put back by another model.

In 1996 the Honda city was reinstated as a chain of mini-compact 4 door sedans. The third generation city was construct on Honda’s Global small car platform in which the position of oil tank is beneath the front seat instead of back seat. In Pakistan the 3rd generation on Honda city achieved name among the buyers as it strike back the sales of Suzuki Margalla in starting. The company also launched a mid generational refresh of 3rd generation Honda city in 2000 and carry on its manufacturing for another 3 years prior to launching the next generation in Pakistan.

In 2002 company introduced 4th generation Honda city worldwide and later on received minor model update in 2005. Honda city was most likely rehabilitated in the Pakistani market when Honda launched the 4th generation of the famous compact sedan in 2003. Honda city introduced the twin-spark i- DSI engine which has economic friendly fuel level. In the local market city gained huge popularity and still  considered as economic friendly fuel level car. The company introduced mid generational refresh in 2005 and continued till 2008. Some major updates were made in the exterior and few minor updates were made in the interior of the car. Steermatic version of the 3rd generation did not get much popularity in the local vehicle market.

IN 2009 the 5th generation of Honda city Pakistan was introduced. Since than there are so many minor updated versions of the car. The company is further give up on this specific model and it has passed a period of ten years of making. Honda’s compact sedan gained a lot of popularity because of its economic friendly fuel capacity and well ordered drive. But it has no airbags in any trim level. Since 2009 it is available in 1.3L and 1.5L forms in Pakistan. It has achieved a lot of modifications which includes new design of headlights, tail lights and front grille.

IN 2014 the 6th generation Honda city first appeared in the international market And replaced by 7th generation in 2020. In 2021 came in Pakistan. Pakistani buyers were downhearted because 7th generation was not launched in Pakistan there was previous one available. Now 5 different forms of Honda city 2022 are available for advance booking which includes Honda city 1.2 MT , Honda City 1.2 CVT , Honda city 1.5 CVT , Honda city 1.5 aspire MT and Honda city 1.5 aspire CVT.

2022 Honda City Variants In Pakistan 

Honda City 1.2L M/T

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  • 1199 cc, Manual, Petrol
  • Delivery Time: 4 Months
  • 2 Airbags, Navigation, DRLs, Steering Switches, ABS, 7.0″ Display, Power Windows


Honda City 1.2L CVT

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  • 1199 cc, Automatic, Petrol
  • Delivery Time: 5 Months
  • 2 Airbags, Navigation, DRLs, Steering Switches, ABS, 7.0″ Display, Power Windows


Honda City 1.5L CVT

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  • 1497 cc, Automatic, Petrol
  • Delivery Time: 6 Months
  • 2 Airbags, Navigation, Driving Modes, Cruise Control, DRLs, Steering Switches, ABS


Honda City 1.5L ASPIRE M/T

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  • 1497 cc, Manual, Petrol
  • Delivery Time: 7 Months
  • 2 Airbags, Rear AC Vents, Navigation, Push Start, Driving Modes, Climate Control, Cruise Control


Honda City 1.5L ASPIRE CVT

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  • 1497 cc, Automatic, Petrol
  • Delivery Time: 8 Months
  • 2 Airbags, Rear AC Vents, Navigation, Push Start, Driving Modes, Climate Control, Cruise Control


2022 Honda City Price In Pakistan

2022 Honda City price in Pakistan starts from PKR 3,769,000 for a base variant of 1.2L M / T to PKR 4,479,000 for 1.5L ASPIRE CVT top of the line variant. These are ex-factory price of Honda City 2022 in Pakistan.

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Variants Ex-Factory Price
  • Honda City 1.2L M/T
  • PKR 3,769,000
  • Honda City 1.2L CVT
  • PKR 3,899,000
  • Honda City 1.5L CVT
  • PKR 4,139,000
  • Honda City 1.5L ASPIRE M/T
  • PKR 4,299,000
  • Honda City 1.5L ASPIRE CVT
  • PKR 4,479,000


Honda City Specifications

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  • Honda City Price In Pakistan
  • PKR 37.7 – 44.8 lacs
  • Body Type
  • Compact Sedan
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
  • 4441 x 1694 x 1498 mm
  • Ground Clearance
  • 172 mm
  • Displacement
  • 1199 – 1497 cc
  • Transmission
  • Manual & Automatic
  • Horse Power
  • 88 – 118 hp
  • Torque
  • 110 – 145 Nm
  • Boot Space
  • 510 Litre
  • Kerb Weight
  • 1178 KG
  • Fuel Type
  • Petrol
  • Mileage
  • 12 – 18 KM/L
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 40 Litre
  • Seating Capacity
  • 5 – Seats
  • Top Speed
  • 180 KM/H
  • Tyre Size
  • 175/65/R15


Honda City 2022 Exterior

The new Honda city 2022 gives you eye catching style. Forepart is beautified with honeycomb grille which gives a noticeable look. All five variants comes with integrated LED daytime running lights(DRLS) and dual barrel halogen headlights. 1.5 aspire model has forepart fog lights these fog lights are option for all other variants.

1.2 LS variants comes with micropole antenna all other variants comes with shark fin antenna. All the variants comes with modern wrap around bulb back lights.

Honda City 2022 Exterior

Honda City 2022 Colors

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  • Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic
  • Carnelian Red
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Lunar Silver Metallic
  • Modern Steel Metallic
  • Taffeta White
  • Urban Titanium


2022 Honda City Colors

2022 Honda City Interior

The Honda city 2022 has a capacious and pleasant interior. Aspire variants comes with a push start button. The steering wheel of Honda city 2022 is wrapped with lavish fabric which has tilt and telescopic adjustments. All variants of Honda city has different types of seats, armrests, and door linings material. It has ivory color interior with comfortable seats. Driver’s seat height is modifiable and all variants come with relieving headrests.

The 1.5 aspire variants comes with 9 inch android touch screen along with navigation built in sim slot smartphone and Wi-Fi connection with lot of other qualities.

While Honda city   1.2 LS and 1.5 CVT variants comes with 7 inch touch screen with unified MP Bluetooth, mic, back camera, radio USB and AUX support.

Aspire variants comes with 4 speakers system 2 on forepart and 2 on the back. And if we talk about 1.2 LS and 1.5 CVT variants they comes with 2 speakers on forepart. Remote central locking and remote trunk opening system is available in the LS variants. On the other hand Aspire variants comes with smart entry features. Auto ac system back ventilator electric door mirrors are quality features. All 1.5 Aspire and 1.5 CVT models comes with cruise control. All five variants comes with quality features of electronic brake distribution (EBD) and anti lock braking system (ABS).

Honda City 2022 Interior 2

Honda City 2022 Engine

Honda city 2022’s all variants have water cooled, 4 stroke, SOHC i-VTEC, 16 valves 4 cylinder engine. 1.2 LS variants come with 1199cc engine which develops power of 88/6000 hp/rmp at a torque of 110/4800 nm/rpm.

While 1.5 aspire and 1.5 CVT variants come with 1497cc engine which develops power of 118/6600 hp/rmp at maximum torque of 145/4600 nm/rmp.

Honda City Fuel Average

Honda city 2022 comes with mileage range of 17.8 km/L to 24.1 km/L with fuel capacity of 40 liters.

2022 Honda City Drive And Handling

You can have the fabulous driving experience with Honda city 2022. It gives you comprehensive performance and fuel regulation in the 6th generation. Honda city comes with a 6 speed gearbox. You can have pleasant driving experience in the traffic areas of the city. Honda city comes with soft and smooth gearbox and clutch.

You cannot feel turbo lag anywhere during the ride. The engine has smooth feel up to 4000rpm. but It starts tremble after 4000rpm. It has a huge drawback of lack of vehicle strength control as compare to its competitors.

Honda City Maintenance

All kind of spare parts of Honda city 2022 are easily available in Pakistan. You can easily and swiftly repair and maintain your Honda city 2022 by any mechanic all over Pakistan.

Honda City Competitors

Toyota corolla, Toyota Prius, Toyota Yaris, Mg5, Toyota corolla Axio are the main competitors of Honda city 2022 in Pakistan.

Toyota corolla is a strong competitor or Honda city 2022 because both cars have huge fans and buyers in Pakistan. Honda city 2021 and new Toyota corolla both has more similar features. Toyota corolla comes with more space in interior and huge oil tank. Toyota corolla surpasses Honda city’s present-day qualities. Toyota corolla has 1600cc engine and has huge horsepower and fabricates more torque. Toyota corolla is defeated by Honda city because of price and oil consumption.

The Honda city 2022 also competes with Toyota Prius because Toyota Prius comes with huge engine and it has good fuel consumption. The performance of Toyota Prius is good on highways and also in huge traffic areas.

Honda City Pros And Cons


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  • Availability of Parts
  • Good After-sales Service
  • Good Resale Value
  • Fuel Economy



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  • More Expensive Then Yaris
  • Low Build Quality
  • Parts are slightly Expensive then Competitors


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