7 Reasons That Can Drain Your Car Battery Fast

Dotwheelz 0 Comments June 16, 2022

Why Car Battery Drain Fast? The Car battery is just as important as car tires. Car battery is the most important part of any vehicle. Battery give power to the whole vehicle. You can not turn on your car if the battery is dead. Usually people faces issues regarding battery their car battery dies very quickly, no matter what brand they are using. People have no idea that they are the reason of their own problem. How? I will let you know how? In my today’s article.

Here are The Reasons Why Your Car Battery Drain Fast

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Car Battery Drain Issue

1 . People Leave Car Headlights On

The very first reason of rapid battery void is that people left their car’s headlights on by mistake. In new automobiles they have a quality that headlights automatically turnoff after a couple of moments. But if you vehicle don’t comes with this quality you should have a look on headlights when ever you park the car. If you leave your car with on headlights your car’s battery will void quickly and will also reduce the longevity of the car.

2 . Use Of Infotainment System With Off Engine.

You can use your infotainment system while car engine is on. But if you listen to radio and watch movies or listen song on display with off engine, your car battery will void rapidly. The cause of this damage is when engine is off then the alternator will not charge the battery. So use infotainment system only when engine is on. Also charging of your personal stuff like laptops and cell phones are not recommended with off engine.

3 . Weakness Of Alternator

If the alternator will not provide mandatory power to the battery, then battery health will go down and will be void. So take your car to the workshop if you see your car battery is draining rapidly.

4 . Utmost Temperature

Utmost temperatures affect car batteries very easily. batteries cant stand in very high and in very low temperatures as well. In both low and high temperatures car’s battery performance will also reduce. In utmost temperatures sulphate crystal can b build up and can be reason for the rapid void and short battery life. In utmost temperatures it is better to avoid short drives and keep alive battery health.

5 .  Short Trips

As discussed previously to avoid short drives. Here I will let you know why to avoid?  It is because too much short drives stops battery from charging properly. If this happens on regular basis it will damage battery health and there will be rapid void. And your car will take too much time to start.

6 . Problems In Battery Terminals.

If anyone is facing battery problems then it is suggested to check battery terminals, if the terminals are corrode, they will make hurdles in battery charging. You can clean terminals at your own, if you can then you can ask any mechanic to clean terminals. Terminals can be loose as well so have a look and tight them. Before tightening and cleaning of terminals it is advised to turn off the car properly.

7 . Electrical Problem

Old cars can experience electrical problems and these problems can stop battery charging and can be cause of battery drainage rapidly. If you experience such problems then you are advised to go at a car workshop for complete electrical maintenance of your car.

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