Latest Scooty Price in Pakistan 2022, Brands, and Latest Models!

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According to official research, the trend of driving a Scooty is increasing in Pakistan. Scooty riding for girls increasing day by day and is becoming a common thing for girls in Pakistan. However The main purpose of riding a Scooty is a self-sufficient and affordable ride with low fuel consumption, we are going to share some best Scooty Price in Pakistan.

Petrol prices are increasing day by day, because of that it is much difficult for people to drive their cars for daily travelling. Generally girls go through so many driving issues. And a lot of people can’t afford cars  because of expensive rates.

In Pakistan’s local market Scotties are making their spot with huge number of sales and demand. People have many options for transportation but scooty is a perfect ride with easy handling for girls.

The concept of scooty riding is increasing day by day because there are a lot of girls who are learning bike riding and this trend of bike riding among girls is increasing day by day.

Traveling freely has become a necessity for daily busy routine because everyone has their own busy schedules and girls also want independent mobilization for their daily travel needs.

Scooties are specially designed for empowerment of girls and women so that they can travel freely with comfort. Scooties have made it easy for college and university going girls to travel without hurdles. That is why scooties are gaining more popularity in girls.

Scooty in Pakistan

 Now in Pakistan girls are getting license for scooty riding. A lot of girls already have licenses for bike riding. Scooties are also made for boys as well.

There are a lot of brands in Pakistan who produced good quality scooties in 2023 for girls and women and still considered as good quality scooties till date according to reports.

Top Brands of Scooty in Pakistan.

In Pakistan there are top brands who are making inexpensive scooties with style and good quality as well. Which includes:

  • United Scooty
  • Super Power Scooty
  • Honda Scooty
  • Suzuki Scooty

Bikes and scooties no doubt are an easy and convenient way to meet everyday travel needs, that’s why the interest in bikes and scooties is increasing everyday that’s why more females are buying scooties and bikes for everyday travelling needs.

All these brands wants to fulfill the demand and needs of their customers. The Scooty is designed especially for female riders that’s why manufacturers gives importance to the major characteristics just like light body, trouble free access, smooth body with easy maneuvering.

If we talk about prices of scooty in Pakistan, all brands come with different price structure because all brands have their own ideas of designing, technology, models, etc with many other different characteristics which depends on quality. That’s why all brands comes with different price ranges.

Above mentioned brands have numerous models of scooties with price ranges from low to high. But these scooties are affordable and easy accessible two wheelers.

United Scooty

Right now united scooty is leading in market because of different models and sales. The demand of united scooties is high because of colors which attract girls more.

3 Best models of United Scooty

  1. United scooty 50cc
  2. United scooty 80cc
  3. United scooty 100cc

United Scooty 50cc

United scooty 50cc comes with low weight and low power which is specially designed for Pakistani young girls. United scooty 50cc is the most inexpensive model in Pakistan.

United 50cc scooty is specially designed for the girls who want easy handling and smooth ride with comfort, this scooty is a good selection for them. United 50cc scooty comes with different colors, you can select your desirable color.

United 50cc scooty is a good choice for new riders because this scooty comes with light weight and less power, and easily can be handled by riders on busy roads.

United 50cc comes in price range of Rs. 50,000 in Pakistan according to official price list.

United Scooty 80cc

If we talk about united 80cc scooty it’s a brilliant choice for all the ladies who wants smooth and comfy scooty riding experience. It has 4-stroke and OHC system which make it a ideal ride.

This stylish scooty comes with power output of  7.2 hp (8000 rmp). It has 90 kg approx. weight. This scooty is suitable for frequent travelling. This scooty is a perfect blend of power and comfort.

This scooty is perfect for college and university girls because it is a low budget and powerful ride. Come within the range of Rs. 90,000 according to official reports.


United 100cc Scooty

This Scooty is a great choice for those who wants the best riding experience. This scooty is designed in a way that you can take maximum utilization without hurdles.

United 100cc scooty comes with 4-stroke motor and approx. weight of those scooty is 91kg.

United 80 cc Scooty Price In Pakistan

This 100cc model is excellent option for outings with friends. It comes with powerful engine which gives you soft execution with 2 passengers.

In 2022 price of scooties has been updated by the brands in Pakistan. However  this 100cc scooty is best for daily use for girls. It has a single cylinder with 4 stroke engine.

In 2021 this 100cc scooty price in Pakistan ranges. Now in 2022 united 100cc scooty comes with higher price range then before Rs. 145,000.

Super Power Scooty

Super power is the most famous brand in Pakistan for its motorcycles and brilliant sales. The company has increased its manufacturing of scooties because of increased demand.

Super Power 70cc Scooty

Super power 70cc scooty introduced recently in Pakistan’s local market with amazing features. Super power comes with cheap price range just like other competitors. Super power 70cc also comes with various beautiful colors and smooth seating and design specially for girls.

The purpose of the launching 70cc scooty is to provide the lightweight mid range power engine because it is desirable for both new old riders. Super power 70cc scooty is one of the best super power scooty models of 2022.

Super power 70cc scooty come with special qualities it has 65km/L fuel average and 7km/H speed. Self start option makes it even more comfortable and unique. Also comes with a lot of colors including metallic colors. Super power 70cc scooty comes with a rear stand as well.

Super Power 70cc Scooty price in pakistan

Super power 70cc scooty has huge buyers not only girls but boys also loving it because of unique qualities easy and soft riding experience and attractive attributes.

Super power 70cc scooty comes with price range of Rs. 80,000 which is quite affordable. This scooty is economic friendly with elegant attributes that’s why gives tough competition to its competitors.

Honda Scooty

If we talk about Honda it is not a new name Honda is famous for its marvelous automobiles, and loyal buyers in Pakistan. Honda has introduced its scooty which is center of attraction for all the females. Honda Dio is one of the best scooties of Honda in 2022.

Honda Dio Scooty Price In Pakistan

Honda Dio is a fully automatic scooty. Comes with 1 cylinder with a max power of 7.76 PS at 8000 rpm. Max torque is 9 Nm at 4750 rpm. Dio also comes with SI 4 stroke engine with a cool fan system.

Dio comes with 77% better mileage as compare to other scooties. It has 48km/L mileage. Dio’s price range is above Rs. 100,000 but you can buy used Honda Dio scooty in pocket friendly prices. Honda scooties are available in different price ranges depends on models. Dio scooty is suitable for both boys and girls.

Honda Dio Scooty Price In Pakistan

Suzuki Scooty

Suzuki comes with a well organized scooty with huge buyers internationally. Right now In Pakistan scooties are center of attraction for girls and Suzuki is also taking part in producing scooties to meet the need of customers who are interested in scooty riding.

Suzuki 49cc Scooty Price In Pakistan

New Suzuki 49cc scooty comes with a 4 stroke EFI single cylinder along with smooth sitting. Fuel tank comes with the capacity of 4 liters with transmission of CVT.

Suzuki scooty 49cc comes with price range of Rs. 80,000 to 100,000 in Pakistan.

Suzuki Scooty Price In Pakistan

Scooty Price in Pakistan 2023

There are few brands who are making scooties in Pakistan and all have different price structure depends on models.

List Of Best Scooty Price In Pakistan 2023:

Here you can see the different brands & models of Scooty price In Pakistan.

Scooty Price in Pakistan
  • United Scooty 50cc
  • PKR  50,000
  • United 80cc Scooty
  • PKR  90,000
  • United 100cc Scooty
  • PKR  95,000 to 145,000
  • Super Power 70cc Scooty
  • PKR  80,000 to 90,000
  • Honda Dio
  • PKR  60,000 to 100,000+
  • Suzuki 49cc Scooty
  • PKR  80,000 to 100,000

Pakistan is advancing in terms of technology and this has made a lot of things very easy for the people of Pakistan. Most of scooties are imported to the Pakistan. And a lot of females got their riding licenses in 2021 in Pakistan. Many other females are learning scooty riding and will ride scooties in the Pakistan.


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