The Most Fat Tired E-bikes : Magicycle Is Here to Stay

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Fat Tire E-bikes

The Style that is the Best to You?

These bikes are around longer than people believe. There is historical evidence of e-bikes with fat tires at the beginning of the 1900s, and we are aware that serious experiments began around 1988. In two vastly different US states, genuine enthusiasm for fat tire bikes was growing.

A Short History

In Alaska, The interest was fueled by the need to travel in conditions of snow. For New Mexico, there was an identical need, but it was sand that was soft as the primary driver. Amazingly, the first fat tires were developed by welding two or three tires together! In 2000 there were two companies producing fat tire bikes.

Bicycle builders started to be more enthusiastic in 2001 and”fat tire bike” was a term that “fat tire bicycle” became popular. In just a few years many companies joined the bandwagon. Today, there are numerous brands to choose from. Be aware, however, that there are many brands that include “cookie-cutter” electric mountain bikes and the company is buying the products from a factory that sells a variety of brands. MAGiCYCLE is among the few brands of high-end quality that owns its own factory.

E-bikes are continuing to gain popularity. In fact, you could refer to it as an economic boom. The number of sales has increased by more than 145% from 2019and are still growing! Because of the massive demand, a variety of e-bike designs are easily accessible. It is likely that there is one that is right for you. Magicycle is the ideal combination of reliability, quality and affordability Let’s take a look at what’s on the market.

Traditional Fat Tire Cruiser

MAGiCYCLE made waves in the market of e-bikes with its gorgeous cruiser design. From the beginning, it was clear that the MAGiCYCLE Design Team was focused on safety, quality, and ease of use — all at a price that was affordable. In fact, there’s no other brand priced at the same level which can compete with this model.

The cozy all-terrain design was instantly popular. It’s fully equipped with an 750 watt (peak 1100 watts)) motor as well as an industry-leading battery with 52 volts.

It is not surprising that this amazing cruiser is also available with a step-through style.

Magicicycle Gold Commuter Easy-Riding

MAGiCYCLE customers expressed a desire for a low-maintenance commuter electric bike. The company has responded by offering an extremely durable and low-maintenance commuter that has decided to move away from the tire-based category for a second. This stunning commuter retains the qualities that make customers happy like its predecessors.

It’s not only gorgeous, but this exquisite electric bike also has many benefits for commuters as well as other pavement riders.


The racy beauty weighs just 56 pounds. In an e-bike market populated by a myriad of more than 70-pound e-bikes, the 56-pound weight is greeted with a roar of cheers. Many people who ride e-bikes are looking forward to easy mounting on bike racks for transport as well as less effort to carry up and down a few steps. Don’t be deceived by the weight of the bike the bike is nonetheless a solid ride and has a weight that is 265 pounds.


The Gold Commuter features a 350-watt hub motor that is powered by a battery that is 52 volts This combination provides unbeatable power. This is more than enough to power this compact commuter that is up to its MAGiCYCLE reputation for its power.


Commuters and a variety of other e-bike users are focused on ease of use and maintenance. The Gold Commuter is a no-throttle shifter, no-shifter ride. This makes it very simple to operate and eliminates two possible maintenance items. It’s also important to note that the drive chain isn’t actually a chain…it’s an actual belt. This is also easier to maintain and has no lubricant required. Additionally, it’s extremely, very quiet!


The owners of the Gold Commuter will enjoy all the usual benefits that are included with all MAGiCYCLE bikes to be sold. One of the most important is quality control.

Magicycle is not your typical e-bike business. Magicycle is the owner of the factory and the factory has been manufacturing high-quality E-bikes for over 16 years. Every Magicycle starts with the highly acclaimed Magicycle Design Team, originators of the stunning frame design that makes their bikes attractive and durable.

Major Upgrade for New Models

The new models aren’t only minor tweaks to older models. They’re significant upgrades and one of the best characteristics is the wider range offered by these new cruisers with fat tires.

The motor in the hub of the new electric bikes has been upgraded and the amp hour of the battery that has been redesigned has been increased by 25 percent! This will give you more power and a distance of up to 80 miles. 80 miles is the ideal number for light riders riding on a flat surface with no wind. The riding range of every rider is different.

A rider of 300 pounds cannot reach the same level of range that a rider who weighs 120 pounds. However, regardless of the total weight of the rider or the terrain that the rider typically encounters the range can be dramatically improved with this latest battery. It’s an important factor for e-bike owners. Let’s take a look at the latest cruisers.

Magicycle Cruiser Pro

The success of the original MAGiCYCLE Fat tire Cruiser is undeniable, and it remains a reliable and reliable ride that is high-quality, durable, and long-lasting. MAGiCYCLE has passed along the features that were great in the original and incorporated the best features in the latest models, including The Magicycle Cruiser Pro.

Its payload of 350 pounds (total capacity for weight) makes heavier riders feel safe and secure when riding this stunning new electric bike. The vibrant and easy-to-read Color LCD Display stays the same, as is the built-in lighting as well as an integrated rear rack with a full fender. These features make this Magicycle Cruiser Pro not only an excellent commuter but the ideal all-terrain fat tire bike for trails and scenic cruising.

Magicycle Ocelot Pro

Numerous requests have been made for the creation of a Magicycle Cruiser that is more comfortable for e-bikers with a size as tiny as 4’10’ however, is accommodating for riders as tall as 6’2″. It is the MAGiCYCLE Design Team has worked for hours and long to fulfill the need for a bicycle like this. The launch to the market of 20″ tire Magicycle Ocelot Pro Cruiser is providing new thrills to those who love e-bikes.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a slimmer, more stylish fat tire cruiser with both comfort and power This is the one. The Ocelot offers a laid-back beach cruiser styling…nimble elegant, stunning, and very comfortable. For those who aren’t comfortable with the huge 26″ tire cruisers, The Ocelot provides a new realm of comfort while riding. Although it’s smaller, you’ll notice that the specifications are far superior to the expectations of e-bikers.

Magicycle Jaguarundi Folding Step-Thru

Another great option in this year’s Magicyle series is the Jaguarundi Folding Step-Thru. The new e-bikes, scheduled to be released this summer is the best in ease of use. With its compact size and the ability to fold, nearly everybody can ride this Magicycle.

In fact, the brand new Magicycle Jaguarundi Folding step-Thru will be the one people who ride it will see as being the user-friendly model created by Magicycle. It’s a great small, strong, and lightweight electric bike that can transport people to their workplace or to the local park. It can also take you there on the paths or trails with ease.

Electric bikes with fat tires available for sale are a blast to ride across all kinds of terrain, however, their size makes them challenging to carry on the bike rack. Fat tire bikes that fold aren’t as popular as traditional bikes, yet they are a great way to let you explore new possibilities. You might, for instance, be required to transport your fat tire e-bike in the back seat or trunk of your vehicle. In your home, you may want to fold it down into an unwieldy rectangle that will fit perfectly in the corner of your room. Perhaps you can reduce the handlebars so that you can allow the Jaguarundi to rest comfortably against the wall.

For urban riders who do not need to transport their e-bikes in a vehicle folding, it means that it occupies less space inside the home, possibly fitting into an area in the corner or under the desk.


With the latest and improved models, it’s wonderful that everyone has access to the highest-quality products and prices. There is no other brand that offers powerful motors or batteries that last for a long time at this price point for consumers. Have a look at the pictures and think about ordering one today!

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